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Saturday, Dec. 27

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by , December 27th, 2008 at 06:18 PM (2173 Views)
75 minutes at the gym lifting weights and doing core. I'm definitely stronger than I was around Austin. Toying around with the idea of bumping it up to 3x a week. It would likely mean I'd have to cut out some cardio somewhere ... Or else do a 3rd shorter session.

Afterward, hit the hot gym SCM pool (85 degrees). Did a set of Stud's creation, which I really liked. The workout was aerobic lite and technique based.

Warm up:

700 variety swim/kick/drill

Main set:

3 x through:

8 x 25 fly on :45
4 x 50 back on 1:00
2 x 100 breast on 2:00
1 x 200 free on 3:00 (done 100 free/100 flutter kick)
extra minute after each round

Worked on:

Fly: Not lifting my head up as high. I could feel right away that this made by stroke flatter, but I think it will take awhile to make this change.

Back: Worked on rotation and keeping my head back on SDKs and the breakout

Breast: Worked on keeping my head down in a neutral postition.

Free: Worked on kicking on my back for 2-3 SDKs off the wall before cork screwing over. Definitely seemed faster this way.

100 C/D

Total: 3200 meters

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  1. SwimStud's Avatar
    Free SDK's
    Hear the age group coach telling the kids stay on side and pull the lower arm to rotate over and breakout...maybe it's nothing new...figured I can share. I've been trying to do this....
  2. pwolf66's Avatar
    Leslie, actually on the free turns you want to leave the wall on your back and rotate while kicking. Also, YOU did 25s on a 45 second interval??? GASP
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Hmmm .... I think that's what I'm doing. Not sure. I could be mostly rotated by the time I start pulling with the lower arm. I'll have to think about this more next time I do free.

    I see Paul's comment now. Yes, I think I'm doing what Paul says.

    I know, I was lazy today with the :45 intervals. I just wanted to work on perfect fly and not be winded at all. Plus, it was meters. I hate short rest. And I'm sure I'll get some of it tomorrow with my team -- so there was no need to pack more in today!
  4. rtodd's Avatar

    So it was a bit like Klim?

    Not Phelps, who get to his side a bit quicker on the pushoff.
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Is that a recent Phelps vid? I thought Phelps was leaving the wall on his back. That's what Chris S. and Michael Ross have been trying to emulate.
  6. rtodd's Avatar
    I'm not sure how recent. I will look at some of my Olympic vids. I tend to think getting to your side on the pushoff is better.
  7. ViveBene's Avatar
    My coach trains us to push off on our side, so that feet hit the wall in lateral configuration and one above the other, like an equals sign: = . His trainees tend not to do a lot of SDKs after pushoff; I wonder whether that would change his recommendation.

    I like the looks of this set - thanks, SwimStud and Fort! - and will give it a go over the holidays (now fast dwindling).