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More Three-a-day heroics!

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by , December 29th, 2008 at 06:50 PM (1433 Views)
Well I got back into the water this morning at 7am and pounded out 3000 grueling yards! It went something like this:
500FR (I went a few seconds slower than normal I think it was the Christmas Pudding).
5 x
100 K no fin & board.
100 Drill-I used my Finis Snorke
Snorkel is new and I am adjusting to it. Someone told me I swim with my head too low...
10 x 50 black liners (mid pool) 1:00
5 x 100 neg split on 2:00 I went 1:25 then held 1:30's picking up the back half.

10 x 25 on :30 fast
250 EZ Fins and more snorkel

Part 2 at 1:30:
Did 1200 broken into about 40% snorkel and 40% kicking, and 20% DPS. I really love my extra 1200 "feel and drill" sessions!

At 3:00 I ran 1.25 miles and then lifted in the gym for about 45 minutes...topped off with a sauna.

Weight Details per request:
All Nautilus
Leg press/calf press super-sets:
4 x 15 200lb. I never put weight down until 4 sets are done.
Leg Ext:
4 x 12 reps at 50lb: Up...1/2 down...back up..."one rep"
Leg Curl: 4 x 12 on about 35lb focus on using just hams not hips.
Adduction/Abduction: 4 x 15 of both 95 on Adduct; 80 on Abduct.
Chest Press: 4 x 12 about 90lb alternate hand grips.
Pull Downs : 4 x 15 80lb 2 Hands max-wide hands, 2 hands shoulder width.
Pullovers: 4 x 15 on about 55lb focus abs, tris and lats.
Crunch Machine:
4 x 15 on about 40, work abs not arms...

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    If you have tips for how to learn to flip with a snorkel, I'm all ears. What's a "black liner"?

    I think the 1200 drill sessions are very nice. Technique is key!

    I see you ran .25 mile more without me saying a word.
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    I do 20 laps...17 is 1 mile.
    Black Liners are basically start in middle 50's 2 turns. They are tough.
    Flip turn with snorkel is the same. breathe in...flip...expel out hard...
  3. pwolf66's Avatar
    ah 2 turn 50s. If you want more of a challenge, there's 3 turn 75s and 4 turn 100s.

    And swimming with a snorkel is best done at medium speed. Going any faster puts you at risk of being short on air.
  4. SwimStud's Avatar
    If I can just get the posture set I'll be golden. 2nd Try was better!
  5. aztimm's Avatar
    Nothing against you, but is there any benefit to using a sauna (whether a dry sauna or steam room)?

    Since I've joined a proper gym, I've seen them, but haven't yet gone inside. I've done some short bursts of swimming after lifting, with a few min in the hot tub, more to loosen up. But I don't see the deal with the sauna. Sure, you sweat a bit, but wouldn't you drink water to compensate? If I really want to loose weight, I'd just do more running.
  6. SwimStud's Avatar
    Ah, the sauna is a nice soothing heat for my muscles after leifting...nothing to do with weight loss for me.