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A learning experience

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by , February 12th, 2010 at 08:24 PM (4033 Views)
Well, things didn't go exactly as planned, and I now have lots of data to try and analyze.....

WARNING: Lots of talk about bodily functions to follow.

I showed up at the pool at 7 AM, set my 2 gallon spigot container on the block next to my cup (with a bit of masking tape marking 5 oz. Into the locker room to change into an Endurance square leg (a mistake) and Willie and I were ready to start at about 7:15. I grabbed a cup of coffee on the way in and so that was the only thing in my stomach at the moment.

We cruised through the first set:
10x100 @ 1:30
10x200 @ 3:00
10X300 @ 4:30
10x400 @ 6:00
10X500 @ 7:30

I held onto my feeding plan (5oz. every 15 minutes) and was surprised at how gassy I was feeling... good thing for porous textile suits. I had no urge to urinate, and this caused me some concern but after 3 hrs 45 min, I took a visit to the boys room to make an effort. The result was a pathetic little trickle and highly concentrated....
I consumed 75 oz and neither the air nor water temps were high. Was I not drinking enough? Was my body not absorbing my feeds?

Willie left and I began the second set:
15x1000 @ 15:00

I was starting to feel bloated, but continued feeding regularly. My legs were starting to tighten up, so now my push-offs have devolved into gentle tippy toe touches that do little to propel me into my next length. As a result, the once generous 1:30/100 base interval is tightening up..... I take a couple of extra minutes to let some cramping settle out of my legs.

My friend Lance shows up about now... drove up from NYC to swim a couple of hours with me; we get moving into the 1000's.

After the 9th 1000, I have to purge big time. Goes in pink; comes out purple. Though I don't have a graduated cylinder, I would assume that this event could account for 80% of what I drank so far....sad to say, I can't make eye contact with my container of maxim. My purge-o-rama continues through the next 6x1000's requiring a visit to the porcelain every 2000. My throat is really sore, my stomach uneasy, I decide to sit it out for a bit to see if conditions improve.

After an hour, I decide to call it a day @ 30,000. My legs are tight, but not cramped. My shoulders feel good. My stomach, not so much. I've got some nasty chaffing on my groin.. should have used some bag balm. I've been pissing like a racehorse for the last 2 hours.

I'm not sure why I was unable to process the Maxim, but this is something I will be looking into with much concern in the weeks to come.

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  1. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    You lasted a long time, considering how sick you were!
    Hope it was just a one-off. You've been using Maxim a while?
  2. chaos's Avatar
    i've never used maxim for more than 4 hours and never in a pool. i think that performing a somersault every 15-20 seconds might be at the root of the problem, but i'm not sure how to eliminate all variables while still restricted to indoor swimming.
  3. tjrpatt's Avatar
    30K in one day, still pretty amazing. Bravo!

    Based on the issues you had with turns, this 45K goal might be more possible in Long Course. Finding Long Course time for 12 hours might be a problem. then again, things might be different in your area.
  4. chaos's Avatar
    thanks tom,
    the only 50m pool around here is a summer only facility that only has lanes set up for the usas team 2 hrs per day. i would be most likely in the OW by then.
  5. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    On the subject of bodily functions..I get really bad gas when I do long swims in our 25yd pool.
    Indoor 25yd pools are evil!!!
    Is that the longest you'll go before Tampa?
    When does your lake become swimmable? The Lake here hits 50 about beginning of May.
  6. scyfreestyler's Avatar
    Quite impressive in my book, congratulations!
  7. aquageek's Avatar
    This is why we do these things, to learn what to do on event day, or not to do. Very impressive, Dave!
  8. Bobinator's Avatar
    Sorry it didn't work out as carefully planned.
    Like everyone else I am very impressed with your efforts!
    Could you drive a half day or so to find a lcm pool and try again? If you told a facility manager what you are trying to do they might work with you and at least give you a lane.(or rent it to you)
  9. chaos's Avatar
    chicken, i hope the gas thing was caused by the somersault every 15 - 20 seconds. i plan to do an 8-10 mile swim in maui in about 5 weeks.
    scy,geek, thanks... but it left me with a few more questions than answers.... now to sort through the data and come up with a plan B.
    bobin, it will be a couple of days before i can think about a repeat... i'm leaning toward a flight to some open water rather than another pool!
  10. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chaos
    thanks tom,
    the only 50m pool around here is a summer only facility that only has lanes set up for the usas team 2 hrs per day. i would be most likely in the OW by then.
    I forgot you do alot of lake swimming in the summer. One lap is probably a 1 mile or 2 in length. I wish that I could find a lake nearby to do some Open water training.
  11. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Looks like you'll be in Maui around when I'm in Austin. It can't come too soon! 5 months in a scuzzy 25 yard indoor pool is getting a bit wearing. That would make anyone puke! Maybe you should hold off the puking in the ocean unless you want some company
  12. uvmflier's Avatar
    Despite the symptoms thats still a totally awesome swim. It sucks the Maxim wouldn't absorb well. Have you tried Accellerade? I've had problems before with Hammer and Maxim but found Accellerade to work perfectly.
  13. chaos's Avatar
    chicken, i had nothing solid in me, but i've see video of fish feeding frenzy when a scuba diver lost his cookies!

    uvm, i haven't had any real problems with either maxim or perpetuem before, but i've never used them for a long scy swim either. the beauty of maxim is it dissolves completely and doesn't settle like the hammer products.... not an issue if there is someone shaking things up for you.
    i haven't tried accellerade though.
  14. aquageek's Avatar
    Accelerade is gross unless 33 degrees. I don't know how Maxim tastes so that might not be an issue for you.
  15. chaos's Avatar
    maxim is flavorless and mixes well... its about 97% maltodextrin. i added some frozen fruit juice concentrate for color and flavor. in dover they use a juice concentrate as well. the taste was fine, the issue was that i wasn't processing it. someone said "perhaps it had something to do with the 20oz/450 flip-turns per hour ratio for 6 hours"..... when put in those terms, it seems like an almost obvious outcome. should have brought my bucket.
  16. The Fortress's Avatar
    You're a complete stud, chaos.

    Does maxim have that xyolite (sp?) ingredient in it. I can't use Hammer products b/c it makes me nauseous. More likely the culprit is what you just noted though.

    I hope you've recovered!
  17. chaos's Avatar
    thanks fort,
    i took yesterday off mainly because my throat was really sore (from puking) today i swam a 4000 yd workout with the gunks masters, my times felt a little off, but recovery is good.
    maxim is 96% maltodextrin the rest is vitimins c and b12.
    i prefer the hammer products that are unsweetened... perpetuem and sustained energy... and i am leaning toward a program that incorporates them. i will ship a box of hammers to dover before my EC attempt!
  18. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    You're a complete stud, chaos.

    Does maxim have that xyolite (sp?) ingredient in it. I can't use Hammer products b/c it makes me nauseous. More likely the culprit is what you just noted though.

    I hope you've recovered!
    OMG when I first read that I thought you said "You're a complete dud" !!!

    Dave, how far short of your goal did you fall? I was trying to make up the difference for you as a birthday present, but don't think I got there. I made it to 14,800 before other duties called. Drank perpetuem and the energy level was fine but of course I was very gassy
  19. chaos's Avatar
    nice amanda! goal was 45,000... swam 30,000.... puked 5 times (starting at 24,000).

    lynne sent me her feed program.... all hammer. i did warm perp for my MIMS qualifier. it worked well.
  20. Chicken of the Sea's Avatar
    Darn! I was 200 short. I'll make that up in a hot bath tonight
    yeah warm perpetuem does really work well. Shame about the taste, but oh well.
    I was thinking of trying warm or room temp ginger beer or coke for MIMS, after having drunk my crew's whole supply last year.
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