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Meet Director's Path to Tranquility


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There were a few problems with the final results, so before submitting to the USMS Top Times and Top 10, final final results were compiled.

First, there was a 50+ year old gal who didn't show up at the meet, but somehow ended up with a 0:25 time in the 50-free. This is what happens when swimmers switch around their lane assignments during the meet and the results recording doesn't catch on. Second, the abbreviation for one of the relay teams was mixed up in the relay results due to my error. (WMS could be Warrenton Masters or Winchester Masters, right?) Both were corrected before the Hytek files were submitted to J-Rod.

Comments from the meet swimmers included requests for meet records in the Coconut Relay, for holding the 500-free the night before (hmm.... maybe), and for automatic timing. We get that last one every year. It would be nice, but the cost and our lack of experience with it are the drawbacks, (not withstanding the possible problem of a shorter pool length.) I wonder if swimmers would be willing to pay an additional $7 for it, along with an additional $4 for online entry? I was thinking of adding a $4 surcharge next year for only those entering online, since I hear some triathlons and OW swims do that only for credit card entries. But hey, I am retiring from meet directorship (and can now concentrate on the Colonies Zone web site again). Next year, my rocking deck chair will be pointed toward the setting sun.

Overall, the meet and planning went rather smoothly without any major incidents. So sorry about that; I imagine readers were hoping for some juicy drama to spice up this blog. Everyone loves a good disaster.

Still, if you enjoyed the voyage to the Tropical Splash from the captain's seat, or if you learned anything, please drop me a line. If you didn't or didn't, please don't. Although I did not earn any blog stars, (I did pick up a few blog friends along the way), I still enjoyed blogging and reading the comments left. And, I learned a few things from you.

I now close the final chapter of my telenovela.


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Updated February 22nd, 2010 at 07:26 PM by Rnovitske



  1. qbrain's Avatar
    Good job Ray, enjoy your next 10 months of peace. I doubt you will see full retirement
  2. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Thanks for providing your perspective! I have enjoyed reading.
  3. tjrpatt's Avatar
    somehow ended up with a 0:25 time in the 50-free. This is what
    That is nice that you rechecked the results before sending them to the TT recorder. I wish that local meet directors would recheck this.