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Nancy H.

Sleep Deprivation

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by , February 23rd, 2010 at 09:58 AM (937 Views)
Class last night: 3000 yds total. Lots of backstroke (yay!) and some big distance freestyle sets. Just my kind of workout.

Topped it all off by staying up till midnight to watch Olympic ice dancing. Congrats to Canada for its first ever ice-dancing gold medal! Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were just phenomenal, and it was so great to see them get that much-deserved gold.

Taking second were their training partners, Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who capped a fairly amazing season with the silver medal. Both teams are coached by the incredible Maria Zueva, who looked like she was the happiest person in the building last night. What an absolute triumph, to have choreographed such wonderful routines for two talented young teams, and to take both gold and silver in an Olympic competition. My hat is off to this amazing woman!

[Unfortunately, because We Must Have a European Pair on the ice dancing podium, the Russian team (Dom & Shabby) took the bronze, even though Americans Belbin & Agosto had the far superior free skate (his Elvis-meets-Jesus costume notwithstanding). This and the men's results have convinced me that athletes get extra points for Skating While Russian. Poor B&A--they got hosed. ]

Alas, reveling in such splendor comes with a price: the alarm clock goes off five hours later. Gaaaaahhhhh! There is not enough coffee in the world to keep me awake right now.

Oh, well. It's the Olympics. It's worth it.

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