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Nancy H.

deja vu all over again

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by , February 28th, 2010 at 07:21 PM (992 Views)
Friday night, we here in New Hampshire had a very unwelcome flashback to the ice storm of Dec 2008 when a near-hurricane force storm blew through New England, toppling trees, power wires, flooding roads, and generally creating a damn nuisance.

I'd just gotten home from my Thursday night workout, driving through town at 9:00 PM in wind and driving rain so fierce I thought my car would blow off the road. Scurried around the house taking care of business as long as we had electricity--which wasn't for long.

At about 11 PM, in the height of the gale, the power went out. My sister and brother-in-law struggled to get the new generator up and running (thanks, Mom!) in order to keep our basement pumps running. We were taking on water so quickly it was making a high-pitched, cricket-like chirping as the water forced its way through the foundation. With the generator running, we could at least keep our pumps going. My sister had the unenviable task of trying to find a way out of our neighborhood at about 3 AM to find a working gas station and get our gas canisters refilled.

By about 6 AM, the cellar was nearly dry and the sun was coming out. Glory be! I drove around to scope out the situation, finding that blessedly, some parts of town still had power. Amazing, the utility crews were on the scene almost right away, and by later that afternoon, we had power back. The club where I swim was not so lucky, and they were shut down all day Friday and all day yesterday, with some fairly massive trees down in the road.

Incredibly, they were back in business today, and I was able to get 2300 yds in before general exhaustion took its toll. Still, we're doing better here than in many other parts of the state, where power has yet to be restored.

My swimming total for February is 16.82 miles. Woo-hoo! Not a bad total for the dead of winter.

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