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Mon Mar 15th 2010 double at noon

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Mon Mar 15th 2010

DOUBLED TODAY think I went over 8500 or 9000 for the day


Swim Center
scy, main pool, Blocks
Whitney coached
Noon to 1:15
swam with Larry, Pat Evoe, & Trent Turner
beside James, Jon, Tyler & Besmir
dove in on 12:07ish
wore B70 legs

warm up:
500 easy

Main Set

5 ROUNDS OF 7 x 100 fr
3 x 100 fr on 1:20 right into
4 x 100 fr on 1:10
then rested around 1:40 before beginning next set

round 1 held 1:03's to 1:02's
felt really good on these & slipped into an easy speed distance gear, felt way better than this morning

round 2 held 1:03's

round 3 held 1:03's

round 4
was kick with fins, but i didn't wear fins
went into the set thinking we were going to do
3 on 1:30, 4 on 1:20, but my lane leaders changed it to
3 on 1:25, 4 on 1:15 (so I skipped a 50 from the 3rd 100 on 1:25
then made all 4 100s k on 1:15)

round 5 was kind of hurting from the kick & was thinking we had another round after this one that I was going to pound, so I took it easy, miscounted, and skipped a 50m then found out that was it.

4 x 50 on 1:15
25 SDK fast from a dive, 25 easy

25 SDK fast
jon timed
roll off block
went 10.5

2010 MEETS:

April 9 -11 The Woodlands, TX Countdown
2010 South Central Zone Short Course Championships

May 20 - 23, 2010 Atlanta, GA Georgia Tech Aquatic Center COUNTDOWN
2010 USMS Short Course National Championships
Order of Events

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Nice job, plus you did it within a 6 hour or so time period.