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Spring Forward3/15/10

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by , March 15th, 2010 at 07:04 PM (558 Views)
I hate the hours change. I feel terrible today, so tired. Weekend storms made a trip to Long Island into a heavy trip. Bonus was mega sushi dinner and of course, I hat too much sake...

So I have a guts ache today...don't think it's the food or if it is maybe just too much of everything leaving me a bit blurgh. I think raw fish poisoning would have announced itself in a more spectacular fashion way before now.

So I wrestled with my mind today tying to convince myself to swim and I went and did 4000 yards, then lifted weights after.

Warm Up
2 x 300 snorkel
4 x 50 FR 3:00 got the last one down to 29-30 on a push..
Kick Set
10 x 50K 1:15 but ended up 1:30's first one was in :54
4 x 50 EZ
Fly Work
4 x 50 3BR/3 FLY
8 x 25 FLY did last one as a 50 a bit slower.
4 x 50 EZ
Aerobic Set
10 x 100 1:45 desc 1-4 5 ez rpt 6-10 went 1:30 down to 1:25.
Kick Set #2
500 with fins
Cool Down
6 x 50 EZ

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I hate the time change too. It will take me a couple weeks or more to adjust.

    Think you hat too much sake. Do you feel better after the workout?
  2. jessicafk11's Avatar
    I hate the hours change. I feel terrible today, so tired.
    Me too. I woke up on time and thought how much it sucked it was dark out when I get up (again). I then fell back to sleep for EXACTLY one hour. I knew I was in trouble when I woke up and found it was light out. Good news is that everyone else in the office did the same thing so we all just laughed it off.
  3. SwimStud's Avatar
    I felt a bit better, after workout.. still a little crampy in stomach...think it is overindulgence.