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by , March 16th, 2010 at 10:18 PM (256 Views)
I had a great workout tonight. I did a longer than normal warm-up (1,000 yds). Started building speed on 100's but blew away the 200's! (relative to my previous workout paces).
The funny thing of it was I thought i was going to be tired. I probably did about 100 push-ups and lots of random other plank stuff today at the "Physical Best" teacher training workshop. My arms/triceps/chest were humming on the drive up to Noblesville. They settled down after warm-up and felt strong!

Here is what I did: (I got in a bit early)

**800 freestyle Swim
**200 Backstroke swim
**5 X 100 on 2:00 (alternate stroke/free)
**300 Flutter Kick alt 50's back/front
**3 X (200 Free on 3:30
25 Free on :45 Hard
25 Free on :40 moderate
25 Free on :35 easy
25 Free on :30 Hard
25 Free on :25 moderate
25 Free on :20 Hard
50 free EASY)
**300 freestyle with paddles/buoy working on evf and body roll.


Tomorrow I have to teach; the rest of the week I get to go back to the Convention!!! Today's seminar was okay. I'm looking forward to lots of other upcoming presentations!

Chiropractor and Grasston tomorrow after school. I'm already getting that uneasy feeling of dread. I know it will be okay. I wish I could just forget about it. I am a sissy!!

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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Good going on your workout! I think those days where things feel good and you go faster than you thought possible make it all worthwhile, and more!