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Thursday, March 25

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by , March 25th, 2010 at 07:48 PM (503 Views)
Yesterday, took the 7 month old puppy out on the cotton fields and did a 3 mile walk with a few run sprints of 100 yards or so thrown in. The pup slept well last night!

Today, went to the older kids' workout. We did a ton of different fly and free drills of different distances, so I can't even remember all we did. All I can remember is that I got in about 3200.

There was one set we did which made me realize I need to add in a little more running - 10 x 50 flutter kick on :55 (no fins). My flutter kick always feels better when I've been running more often. I think it has something to do with the body comp and more lean muscle in my legs.

On the forum there has been a thread going about running as cross-training for swimming. I mainly run because I like it and like to enter 5ks every once in a while. I can't say I use it to cross-train for swimming. I just like to do both.

I don't think lots of long distance running will help swimming, especially the sprints. As my fitness/weights guru friend has told me, distance running tears the legs down instead of building them up. rtodd on the forum mentioned 100s, 200s, and 400s. I like these as I think they keep the nerves in my legs sharp.

I also think like pwb said in that these running sprints are good for working on explosiveness. Fort suggested squats and jumps as helping explosiveness instead of track work. I agree that these things are great as well. I don't use squats for power due to some lower back issues. I mainly do the squat exercise with the bar or maybe some really light weights as rehab for my lower back. If I could, I definitely would do them. The jumps are fun, but I find them more jarring on my knees than running sprints. Also, I like to get out of the weight room and outside on the track. It is just a personal preference for me.

In the end, I'm having fun doing both and for me, that's where it's at.

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