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Swimming, Life, and Other Stuff!


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I had a head-ache today. I didn't even get a break long enough to take Advil so..... I just suffered through it and tried to act happy.
Immediately after school I reported for my Grasston and Chiropractor work. I left there feeling beaten up.
It's cold, rainy, and dark out here. When time to leave for swimming rolled around I bailed. I only wanted to swim 1,500 yards or so with the big meet this week-end so I guess I'll get up tomorrow morning @ 5:00 a.m. and do it.
Meanwhile the fabulous Butler Bulldogs vs Syracuse game came on tv. Go Bulldogs! Butler had an excellent 1st half but now it looks like Syracuse is starting their rally.

Here's a link to "Women and Physical Exercise?
/Training" article I saw on a blog today. I don't know alot about weight training (Jimby vs Fort) but I do believe intensity is highly under-rated for its health and fitness benefits. Check it out if you are

Tomorrow will be a better day......I hope.

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  1. KEWebb18's Avatar
    Tomorrow WILL be a better day!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks for the link. I hate hearing it's all "calories in, calories out."

    Tomorrow will be better! Take advil tonight.