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Weights and running sprints

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by , March 26th, 2010 at 06:28 PM (545 Views)
This morning, hit the weight room and did the following workout:

Warm-up run on treadmill - 5 min.

Squats - bar x 20

Bench press: 80 x 8, 90 x 6, 100 x 4

Lat hi row: 120 x 8, 130 x 6, 140 x 4

Bicep curls: 10 x 10

Leg press: 90 x 10, 150 x 8, 175 x 6, 200 x 4

Bicycle crunches: 1 set of 100

V-ups: 1 set of 20 (Man! These things are hard!)

Good morning darlings: 1 set of 50

Torso twists: 1 set of 20

Toe raises: 3 sets of 10

Got home and took the puppy out on the fields. Did about 3 miles of mainly walking with 10 sprints/drills of 60 to 100 yards. Sometimes, I would sprint all out and other times, I would do a drill where you bring your knees up really high or another drill where you try to kick your heels to your rear.

Running on the field is challenging. The surface is not perfectly even and the soil is very sandy. With all the rain we have had, it almost has the feel of running on wet sand at the beach. Still, I like the fact that the surface is softer than asphalt. I won't be able to do this past mid-April as the crops will get planted and it will start to become snakey. Sometimes, one can run on the periphery, but the grass gets really tall. Anyway, for right now, I'll just enjoy it.

Looking forward to a weekend with good weather!

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