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Mixing it up this year

First day was so so

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by , March 27th, 2010 at 07:35 PM (494 Views)
Not a good day today. I felt good but just couldn't put it together.

The first was the 50 back which was a second off. Next was the 100 Fly and I just wanted to finish, it was not particularly fast but about what I guessed I would do. The 100 IM was and I SKREWED UP but learned from it. The fly was probably the fastest I have ever done, I did not breath until the turn but my turn from back to breast I glided in for toooooo long. I finally decided it was not going to be a good time so just finish and not worry about the time.

There is always tomorrow. 50 Free and 50 Fly. I am planning to take the 50 fly out just like I did in the IM. So I can say I learned something from a bad swim today.

As always I find I get tired when I have to coach so tomorrow everyone is on their own I will watch from the stands and focus on my races. The kids all know and support what I am trying to do.

Total 1350 yards

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