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NEM SCY 3/27/10

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by , March 27th, 2010 at 11:08 PM (655 Views)
So I drove up Friday morning for the meet. I didn't taper, clip or shave for this meet. I backed off he yardage a bit and cut out weights and running from Wed on.

50 FR in a jammer. I went 27.87 which is a drop for PB of .11. I am hopeful of better going better again on taper.

50 BR 34.26 a little of my PB of 33.93 but still in the region and I should do better tapered.

100 FR in relay with reaction was 1:04.07 but we were beat and none of our relay warmed up after a few hours of sitting...

Day 2
200 FR I swam this BR & prob took it out a bit hard...but the FS1 floated me up and caused bad pullouts at least 3 times...still untapered...not bad.
30 Bell, Richard 40 Maine Masters-NE 2:45.00 2:50.07
36.86 1:19.91 (43.05)
2:04.92 (45.01) 2:50.07 (45.15)

100 BR in medley relay:
(35.65) 2:30.44 (1:17.40) plus .47 reaction time.
Not far off my best at 1:17.71.

100 BR outright
15 Bell, Richard 40 Maine Masters-NE 1:17.71 1:15.36
34.82 1:15.36 (40.54)
Looks like I took this out too hard but I held on for a new PB by OVER 2 seconds...maybe I was spinning my wheels a bit on the faster turnover on the 2nd 50..hard to say without video.
All in all a good meet. I'm on track and hopefully I'll get some improvements.

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  1. quicksilver's Avatar
    34.82 1:15.36 (40.54)
    That's a very nice drop from your old PB.

    Something must have been different for you to come back with so much of a differential. Maybe you shortened your stroke?

    Either way, you really did well. Next time shoot for under a 1:14. With that kind of pace on the way out, it's a good possibility.
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    I think you're spot on. I know I turned over faster and I think I wrecked y momentum...I will gamble on my next race and hold the steadier strokerate..see what happens. I think a 6 sec diff is something to look positively at. I didn't feel like I was dying out of control.
  3. aquaFeisty's Avatar
    Fantastic swims, Rich! Congrats on that 100 breast... hope that you have a great taper for a sub-1:14 at Atlanta!
  4. SwimStud's Avatar
    Thanks Carrie. I have zones next month that will be another indicator.