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Gentle workout on a rainy Monday morning

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Today I swam morning workout with the AG masters. I started the workout feeling a little sad because I left one of my favorite umbrellas in the taxi I took to practice. I realized it about 15 seconds after I got out, but the taxi was already gone. Oh wellóI am sure someone will appreciate finding a bonus umbrella today, so maybe it will find a good home.

Hereís the workout I did:

750 scy warmup (400 FR, 300 IM, 50 kick)

10 x 50, odds 25 K on side/ 25 thumb-drag drill, evens bilat breathing, @ 1:00

7 x 200 @ 3:10-3:15 [I did odds FR and evens FR/BK halfsies, and brought them all in around 2:45-2:50. I got to practice some of the FR tips I had gotten on Saturday here.]

10 x 50 choice stroke, easy between flags, fast anywhere near walls [Bingo! Iíd been wanting to practice my back-to-breast transition turns, so I did all of these 25 BK/ 25 BR.]

300 warmdown

Thoughts on my back-to-breast transition turns: I do these as open turns, and have had trouble when my strokes work out so that I touch with my left hand. I figured out today that the reason the left hand feels awkward is that I donít rotate as much to my side when touching with that handóIím still largely on my back, and always feel a bit surprised by the wall and not in a good position to turn. I worked on getting more rotation when touching with the left hand, and that felt quicker and more natural.

BUT: I also discovered that the reason the turn w/ the right hand feels so easy is that I tend to give myself quite a bit of time to fully rotate to my side by gliding into the wall. So I need to think about gliding less, and rotating quicker, on both hands.

I also experimented during the warmdown with a flippy transition turn [nomedia=" ED218&index=19"]YouTube- IM - Back-breast-turn2[/nomedia]rather than an open one. (Mine does NOT look like the one in the video yet). I think I need to get a coach to watch all my turn variations and give me some advice. I really should have asked today, but I was feeling shy as I didnít know the coach well. Iíll have to be braver on Wednesday.

By the time I left I felt tranquil and ready to face the rain even without my dear departed umbrella. But the rain had mostly stopped, and the commute back across town was easy, with plenty of seats for everyone on the bus. It looks like a good day after all.

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