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Gettin back ta work 3/29/10

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by , March 29th, 2010 at 07:14 PM (502 Views)
Well I still feel a bit tired after the meet and all but I dragged my butt to the pool and got busy. I thought that today I should do a bit of drill work so that I don't over tax my system so this is what I came up with:

Warm up

2 x 300 FR 5:00 swim, drill kick. I did the first one then realised that kick, drill, swim made more sense!
4 x 100 snorkel swim on 1:45 held 1:30s

Tech Set
I did this whole set in clips of 4 x 50; 2 drill and 2 swim with focus on what the drill was for.
Side kick
6 kick switch
3 n glide
Catch up
Tap behind
Finished with a straight 4 x 50 on :50 trying to put it all together.

Kick Set
10 x 50 Kick 1:20 Holding 1:05's got under 1:00 on the last one...not bad after a long meet.
4 x 50 FR EZ 1:00

Fly Set
10 x 50 Fly drill/swim by 25's. The first few of these swims felt really light and I hope that will reflect in my meet swims.
4 x 50 FR :50 EZ plus

Kick Set 2
400 fin kick with board...I should have done the 4 x 50 after this as cool but I had to lift anyhow.

4000 in about 80-90

After this I went and lifted for about 45 minutes...I felt strong on the pull up sand chins...the time off last week probably let the muscles repair fully.

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