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Nice way to start the weekend

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I swam the 6am LCM workout at Asphalt Green this morning. Itís an early start to a weekend morning, but itís nice to be done by 8 and have the whole day ahead of you. In my case, I was done at 7:15 this morning, since Coach Craig told all of us doing the meet tomorrow to get out early.

Hereís what I did:

800 LCM warmup

10 x 50 ďgutbustersĒ (dolphin kick on back w/ fins while holding pull buoy between thighs) @ 1:20

100 easy

IM/FR ladder:
50/100/150/200/250/300 swim, multiples of 100 are FR, rest are IM w/ no FR (ie 50 FL, 150 FL/BK/BR, 250 FL/BK/BR/FL/BK) @ go-when-3rd-swimmer-gets-in

50 easy

4 x 50 choice, fast between flags, @ 1:05 [I did these w/ fins. There were actually 10 of these, but I the last 6 as warmdown, below]

300 easy

Tomorrow Iím swimming a scy meet in Queens. Iíve signed up for 200 IM, 100 BK, 100 IM (might skip), and 50 BR. Iíll probably also do a 50 FR on a relay. This will most likely be the last meet I do before nationals, and a last crack at a good 100 BK time for the season, since Iím not swimming that event in Atlanta.

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