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Monday night ... ouch!

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by , April 13th, 2010 at 05:13 PM (996 Views)
I did another round of intense dryland. Just over an hour. Warmed-up with a short run. Did a few rounds of different jumps, bosu work, core, bands, more jumps and core and finished with stretching. Felt pretty beat up as I headed to the pool.

300 free

Warm-up set:
4 x 50 IM stroke
4 x 50 kick
4 x 100 free
4 x 25 build

1st Sprint Set:
200 free broken at each 50 for :10 (went a 2:19 - most definitely positive split the crap out of it)

50 fly broken at the 25 for :10 (was about :30)

100 ez recovery
(this is where all those swimming state got to get out and I kept going)

6 x 75 on 1:30 hold under :55
(harder than I thought due to feeling like utter dookie)

At this point I figured the hard stuff was done ... sadly I was wrong. As you may or may not have noticed I have not been swimming much fly. As a result I am bailing on that darn 100 fly and just swimming the 50 at both state and nationals.

Next set:
4 x 50 fly on 1:15
fast - hold under :37

Normally, I would be under :37 at least on the first two without a problem. I cruised the first one thinking how I had 3 more and went a :38. Did a :38 on #2 and :39 on number 3. The wheels REALLY came off the last 12 yards of #3 there was major muscle failure, cramping and death. Not sure what my time was on #4 but it was not pretty.

200 c/d

I am hoping/thinking/praying that once I lay off the dryland I'll actually be able to sprint. My legs have been completely dead. Breaststroke kick is painful due to sore muscles, pushing off the walls is awful, I die on kick sets, etc.

I am going to follow a similar path for tappering/resting as Fort since we have the same meet schedule. I am going to cut out dryland (except pilates - paid for 5 weeks so I'm getting all 5 weeks out of it!) next week and just swim and concentrate on speed work.

The week after I'll have my last week of dryland before cutting it out for nationals.

State events:
50/100/200 free
50 back
50 breast
100 IM
50 fly

Nationals events:
50/100/200 free
50 fly
50 back
100 IM (6th event)

Tonight's agenda is to swim on my own and get some more easy stroke work and some kick in. Maybe some fast breakouts.

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