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Sunday April 18, 2010

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by , April 18th, 2010 at 09:56 PM (906 Views)
Did one of Fort's speed workouts today. I think she poached it from Rich A.

1000 W/U:
300 FR swim
200 IM drill
4 x 50 kick/drill
150 fly drill
2 x 25 fly 1 build 1 fast
50 back drill
50 ez

Main Set:
4 x 100 (50 on 1:00, 25 on :30, 25)
I did the last 25 swim on the odds and kick on the evens.

Went fr, bk, fl, fr - not real sure on times since the pace clock I was using was at the far end of where I started which made the 50 split and 2nd 25 splits hard to get.

300 c/d

Liked the main set. Felt better than I thought I would on the fly. I think my fly splits were close to :31, :15, :15.

Even with just two days off of the legs they are feeling a tad better. They are definitely still shot but it's a bit better.

I'm ready for taper but I'm also getting exciting to run outside more. This always seems to happen to me. Taper kicks in and all I want to do is run. Oh well. I'm stoked for state next weekend and anxious to see how I swim.

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