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Yesterday, all my bubbles seemed so far away....

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by , January 8th, 2009 at 02:07 AM (794 Views)
OK enough of the Beatles puns!
Writing this at near 2am b/c the power just came back on and woke me and the neighbour's generator is still running and I cant sleep.
Yesterday's Swim:
500 FR 8:45 nice and easy.
4 times through
50 K; 50 D; 50 Swim
I wore fins for the whole thing and used snorkel and paddles for the drill part.

100 EZ
10 x 100 1:40
these were tougher than I expected but I was trying to keep good form and swim as fast as I could without losing my sense of control.
100 EZ
8 x 25 AFAP 1:00 went 1-4 push off the wall and 5-8 off the block; last one all out on 1:30 and went 13.5
3 x 100 P Snorkel, fins and paddle
200 by 50 swim 1 with paddles; 2 no gear, 3 & 4 EZ

In the afternoon I did a 1.25 mile run. Paced it out a bit harder than normal.

Lifted again:
Leg press/calf press super-sets:
4 x 15 200lb. I never put weight down until 4 sets are done.
Leg Ext:
4 x 12 reps at 50lb: Up...1/2 down...back up..."one rep"
Leg Curl: 4 x 12 on about 35lb focus on using just hams not hips.
Adduction/Abduction: 4 x 15 of both 95 on Adduct; 80 on Abduct.
Chest Press: 4 x 12 about 90lb alternate hand grips.
Pull Downs : 4 x 15 80lb 2 Hands max-wide hands, 2 hands shoulder width.
Crunch Machine: 4 x 15 on about 40, work abs not arms...

Pullovers: 4 x 15 on about 55lb focus abs, tris and lats.
Free Weights
Rear Delt Raise 2 x 15 with 10lbAlternate Dumbell Curls/Shrugs super-sets 25lbs 2 x 15
Rear Delt Lift empty bar; focus on hitting the rear delt.
Yoga Ball everyone else was using it so I did some lower back leg lift/hyper extensions.

Did I mention I coached for an hour and then taught another lesson for 45 minutes? Ok, well now I did...

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    But what are you doing for the intercostals? Mine STILL hurt ...
    Updated January 8th, 2009 at 04:31 PM by The Fortress
  2. Iwannafly's Avatar
    Isn't that a waterway Fort?:-)