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Keepin Track 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Hard practice last night. 2400 main set left my legs too tired and on verge of cramps to kick well. Went back in this am to add to that yardage and think thru some drills and wall work that I had been given at Y Nats.

Borrowed Laren's Monday workout.

YOGA 1 hour

300 WU
300 Pull WU with paddles

8x100 drill
1. br kick
2. br drill (sculling)
3. br drill (two kicks per pull)
4. br drill (alt dolphin kick with br kick by strokes)
5. bro drill ( 2under 2 over)
6. FLY

4x100 KICK
25 flutter on back, 25 flutter on stomach, 25 fly on back, 25 fly on stomach

2x25 hard on :30
1x50 easy free on 1:00

200 WD

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  1. freestyle94's Avatar
    oops...that set of 2x25 and then 1x50 was done four times over IM order. yikes