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Keepin Track 2010

Things to think about this week...

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As Nationals approaches I have a new bag of techniques and skills to prepare. Some have been given by Coach Russell, some by Dan, some by Laren, some by Mykleby, some by Adam Mania, and some by little old me! lol.

Just to document goes:
1. thumbs up on recovery of breaststroke and land with palms down.
2. anchor catch of breastroke wide and well with elbows high over hips.
3. on breaststroke turns (and all turns) place feet high on the wall.
4. on breast turns, allow feet to be above head on initial pushoff until snap the dolphin kick, then neutralize head position and be sure to EXPLODE out into the stroke not use a long stretched out pull to begin race/swim.
5. on free turns, try to cease snapping the flip. Legs working too hard and too far from wall to be of good use. Come closer to walls and roll turns tighter without snaps.

As for races...I had a good showing at Y Nationals last weekend. Things I learned and want to repeat:

be sure to get at least 200 dolphin or flutter kick in before even trying BR kick. Need blood to the legs. Pay lots of attention to warming BR up adequately. Groin and Hip Flexors need help. Also, for freestyle do several 50's or 25 in which I up-tempo my stroke a few times per length until really turning over by end of length.
Buildups essential. Stay warm till events. Wear more clothes.

50 FR: Starting to use strong rapid dolphin off start with amplitude. Ride the B70 glide and explode to the surface. take one or two strokes on top of water to settle into sprint tempo. As approach flags, BREATHE, and up tempo to charge the wall. Feet high on turn and two to three dolphins before flutter and breakout. Get hips rolling on breakout and continue using hip action thru rest of 50. Keep hips from dragging and concentrate on good catches, fast tempo, and high elbows.

100 FR: Dolphins off start and turns are a new must! Ride the glide to surface and stay HUGE in stroke feel the height of the body position. Keep kick relaxed but useful, breathe 4, 2, 2, 2. On second 25 remember to breathe and not get ahead of self on tempo. Work 2nd turn and explode into up tempo 2nd 50 swim. Employ strong and fast legs and keep hips rolling and arms stretched to good catch. Pay attention to finish, plan for it but charge to it.

100 IM: This race still eludes me a bit. I need to practice up tempo-ing my fly to get out faster. DOlphin off the backstroke walls and ride the glide. Faster underwater for sure than me swimming backstroke! LOL. relax the fast turnover. Need help on better catch. Lead with shoulders instead of flat. Be certain of stroke count and BA/BR turn. Take 3 buildup strokes to breast sprint. Roll hips and employ every last effort for FR. Stay HIGH!!

50 BR: key is warm up here. must work on build ups in warm up to have mental security in stroke. After exploding out of underwater dolphin and surfacing, take 1 big catch ans set hips stroke, then 2 build up stroke to sprint tempo. Employ same after turn except only one buildup stroke. Remember to keep hips high on surface. Must practice BR kick WITHOUT board to do this. SHOOT hands relaxed.
Anticipate finish.

100 BR: Think 100 free approach here. The key is NOT a slower tempo stroke with long glide to stretch out first 50. INSTEAD keep tempo up and have confidence in how strong I am. Keep hips high and swim gorgeous. On second 50 worry then about fatigue. Better to go out too fast than too slow. Work 3rd turn hard and dolphin and accelerate to finish. Keep head low always! No looking ahead or to side. Face down.

50 FLY: I have been leaving this event to chance. The competition is too fierce to do that so....I plan to practice up-tempo-ing my fly this week and next and in HQ doing at least ONE 50 FLY. This should help the IM too. Increase ability to hold amplitude in underwater dolphin at a fast pace. Race pace dolphin kick practice a must! Ride glides. B70 will be gone before I know it.

HYDRATION: sipping water good for a time. If 1-2 hours, then water fine. After 2 hours, need Gatorade (orange was fine) Sip slowly and then back to water.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Great list of thoughts and tips, especially on breaststroke!
  2. JenBrehob's Avatar
    Happy Mothers Day! Good to read your blog! I share the need to accept the maternity of my swimming life and keep learning to do it harmoniously with my children and family. Peace begins at home!