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Tuesday April 20, 2010

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by , April 21st, 2010 at 12:59 PM (1122 Views)
Swam solo before coaching ... turns have felt like crap so that was my main focus.

1000 w/u:
300 free
200 IM drill
4 x 50 kick/build
100 fly drill
100 back drill
100 ez

6 x (12.5 fast, 25 fast, 12.5 fast)
This set allows me to work breakouts, turns and finishes well rested for each. I love this set. I do it LCM, too, doubling the distances.

I went free, fly, back, fly, fly, free.

Then I did 4 x 25 from the middle of the pool. Turns FINALLY started feeling better. In working on my turns during all the longer stuff done earlier this season I began staying on my side longer and was having trouble getting to my stomach to start fast swimming.

I finally got it down - hope it sticks.

C/D ?

State meet this weekend. Swimming all four 50s, 100 free and IM and 200 free. No relays since I'm swimming unattached.

Massage today - THANK THE HEAVENS!!! So stoked. Need to get a couple more in before nats.

Ready to thrown on the B70 and see what happens.

Planning on swimming Thursday and taking Friday off. Cross your fingers I don't suck this weekend!!!

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  1. Woah Nellie's Avatar
    Puh-leeze! You will not suck; you will be awesome. You are ready to go and you will smoke the competition. See you on Sunday.

  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    good luck in your meet! I bet you will surprise yourself with some great swims!
  3. aquaFeisty's Avatar
    Seriously, you will not suck. And even if you do (by your standards) you will just be that much more fired up for nats! :-)

    (I do remember your goal times, btw.)
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    That's my goal for the weekend too -- don't suck and have fun. You'll do fine!