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Ugh hungover without the booze!

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by , January 8th, 2009 at 04:22 PM (846 Views)
That's about how I felt this morning, I either ate something or have a small stomach upset. I'm enjoying these short am swims which are becoming a nice little productive mini workout:
4 x 50 :50
12 x 25 K no fins :45 every 4th AFAP. The last 50 of the set I went all out without a rest and managed a 1:10
3 x 100 K w/fins all out :20 RI
Snorkel, Paddle and Fin time!
4 x 50 full gear; working the rotation, hand entry and avoiding underwater crossing over.
2 x 50 Snorkel and Paddles; focus on hand entry & exit avoid splash & slipping.
2 x 50 Snorkel; swim focus on still head
2 x 50 Paddles; entry, exit, splash & slippage again
2 x 50 No gear. Work DPS went 12's and 13's depending on direction. Good strokes and rhythm, felt nice and like the gear focus is paying off!

The swim picked me up overall. It gave me an energy boost and made me feel less ill.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I call that clean entry freestyle drill "sneak freestyle" when I coach the little kids.

    You're definitely embracing the snorkel! Smith loves that thing too.
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    It's a useful tool.