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Keepin Track 2010

Saturday April 24, 2010

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I did not swim yesterday as my shoulders were tired and sore from HQ on Thursday. I though it best to get in today to loosen up and not get behind.

300 swim mix
200 kick alt stomach/back flutter kick
200 br kick/free

20x50 BR drill all drills including kick 50's

200 BR kick

Joined in Laren's workout:
1st set free 3x

  • 2x25 uw kick
  • 1x25 sprint swim

  • 100Ez swim

2nd set fly
3rd set back

100 WD

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  1. MikeBietz's Avatar
    Say hello to Laren for me. Tell him that Jim and I are still keeping the MFSC Master's club going. We now have three lanes avialable on Tuesday and Thursday at Menomonee Falls High School from 7:00 to 8:30, plenty of room for others if you are getting tight at EBSC.
  2. freestyle94's Avatar
    I will Mike...Thanks. As for the lane space...that is a nice option. I will let folks know. Do they need to register in some way?
  3. MikeBietz's Avatar
    I believe MFSC allows a two week trial period, or four swims. After that there is a charge, I think $30 per month. The standard registration process of any USA Swimming club, plus then proving you are registered through USMS.