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State and Monday's Recovery

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by , April 27th, 2010 at 12:54 PM (1571 Views)
The IL state meet was this past weekend. Overall I am happy with my non-tapered swims. I think the races were good, the details need work. It's a good place to be in just over three weeks out.

50 Free - AWFUL start, breakout and turn - again it's the details. Turn needs to increase.

100 Free - One off turn, better turns than the 50, Turn over needs to increase, legs were great.

200 Free - blah who really cares. The next to me totally sandbagged. I thought I was swimming way crappier than I was. It was right about my best time. I haven't swum this race tapered SCY in years.

50 fly - AWFUL turn and finish. Needed an extra stroke on both. I need to channel Phelps not Cavic and drill that wall.

100 IM - first race. First race always sucks. Arms were hurting. Not really a race I focus on or care about.

50 Back - not bad ... need to work on my finish.

50 breast - had fun not worried about times.

Was supposed to have a private pilates reformer session ... she forgot the door over at the gym is a spa. They had a last minute cancelation so I got a massage instead. It was not a great massage but it helped.

Got in the water and did 1,000 yards or so easy. Did a bunch of fly drills, some turns and finishes.

Tonight I have my last training appt. before nats and a solo swim session. Going to go right back into killer mode ... hope my body is in one piece after.

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  1. ande's Avatar
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    do you have a link to results?

    i am back in killer mode too. just be sure to rest enough for nats!
  3. aquaFeisty's Avatar
    Results can be found at:

    Click the ILMSA Champs button on the upper left.

    Flyqueen, work on not pulling yourself up too high on your fly turn. It might have been my angle (I was at the starting end of the pool) but it looked to me like you came out of the water almost to your belly button on that turn. Your stroke looked great though and you made up ground on the way back.
  4. FlyQueen's Avatar
    Reviews times 2 second drop in 50 evil. Without ever training it. Perhaps that is the key. 2 second drop on the 2 free too.

    Carrie, I hit the wall flat - no gutter. So I don't think I pulled up.
  5. aquaFeisty's Avatar
    Like I said, I had a cruddy angle...
  6. FlyQueen's Avatar
    Fiesty, you know I ALWAYS appreciate your comments!

    Ande and all ... can you say sprinter?
    1:01.6 in the 100 free and a 2:20.? in the 200 I worked really hard on both, too ... damn 200s.

    Can you also say non-breaststroker? 2 second drop in the 50 to an astounding 42 ... haha