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Short 'n Easy

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by , April 27th, 2010 at 09:18 PM (498 Views)
Short on time, but squeezed in a quick swim workout.

300 warm-up

200 easy dolphin on back with fins

8 x 25 - 3/4 underwater SDK, one-arm fly on :45

8 x 25 back - 3/4 underwater SDK on back, back swim on :45

6 x 50 - odds were 25 fly drill (underwater recovery only)/25 fly, evens were back doing 25 rt arm/25 lt arm only on 1:15

3 x 100 fly with fins - 25 rt arm/25 lt arm/25- 3 rt, 3 lt, 3 full/25 full stroke on 1:45

200 easy

1700 SCY

If I can get in 8,000 more yards this week, I'll be right on my target goal for the month. Hopefully should not be a problem.

Did my practice after the kids practiced. I talked to the coach about the number of events I am swimming at Nationals and she thought I had taken on too many. I'm slated to do the 50 fly, 100 free, and 50 back on Saturday. The 100 free is right before the 50 back. Not sure which one I would want to drop.

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