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Riding the rest from state????

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by , April 29th, 2010 at 09:42 AM (1055 Views)
I left work late yesterday and got stuck in awful traffic. I got in a solid half hour after I wanted to ... oh well.

Did my usual 1000 warm-up:
300 free swim (this varies from 300-500 depending on how I feel)
200 IM drill
200 fly drill
5 x 50 kick/build
2 x 25 fly

6 x 100 fr on 2:00 BPA (best possible average)
Wanted to hit 1:12's consistently. Went out at a comfortable pace on #1 - looked at the clock took me a couple of seconds to realize I went about a 1:07/1:08 - - that meant the rest were probably going to hurt like a I think my practice time PR (from a push) is about a 1:06. I'm totally thinking this is riding the rest from state and that I'll be slower in the next two weeks.

What I take away from this being good is that my stroke feels pretty good right now. It makes me feel like I am doing things right after all and that in 3 weeks I'll be ready to roll ...

#2 1:08/1:09
#3 1:12
#4 1:12
#5 1:13
#6 1:14

200 ez recovery

Then teammates started showing up and I started chatting so I only did 2 x 25 fast on 1:00 - hit around 13s on both but was not feeling fast. Did another 150 worth of drills and ez and got out.

That was my fifth day in a row in the water and 6th out of 7. Taking today off (mostly because I have to due to job stuff).

Tomorrow I plan on another solo swim doing my usual warm-up, doing 8 x 100 on 2:00 then 400 ez and drill then some fast 100s and 50s. We shall see.

Every muscle in my body still hurts from training on Tuesday. Feels good to be sore. I'm going to miss that over the next 3 weeks.

I leave 3 weeks from today for Nats!!!

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