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Home is where the heart is. (from joe's garage)

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by , January 9th, 2009 at 09:43 PM (1408 Views)
we arrived back upstate thursday evening, just two days after my ASD procedure at ny presbyterian. i can't sing enough praise for all the doctors and staff that saw to my needs during my stay.... all truly professional, focused and compassionate individuals that when combined, help to create a five star world class destination for people with serious health issues as well as sniveling little whiners like yours truly.

for your viewing pleasure i am linking a few videos that describe the equipment and the procedure.

this first video is about 30 seconds and shows "the patch" or if you prefer ASD Occluder

this next video is equally brief and
by the magic of computer animation shows the occluder being positioned in a virtual heart.

this final video is a human interest story from a CBS affiliate in california. it is about two minutes long and if you can tolerate the patronizing tone of the two anchors, you will be treated to a story that is exactly the same as my own (except for the CA resident mother of two part)

this last link is of a wall chart describing the application and removal of the self-adhesive condom cath. this simple device is truly the unsung hero of the whole operation because the call of mother nature never comes at the right moment... and it was in reaching for the dreaded urinal that popped my femoral artery open after the last procedure in albany... so anyway... here it is:

i think those full body tech suits should be equipped with these as i am sure that many swimmers are tempted to use the pool for the wrong purpose after they have spent twenty minutes squirming into their kit. (i wasn't sure how i would segue into a swimming related topic, and i admit, that was a little bumpy...but i'm going to leave it anyway)

i am planning my next splash for tuesday the 13th with the gunks masters. (might have to move over a lane or two) it will be good to start blogging about swimming again.

from the deep end,

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  1. SwimStud's Avatar
    So Dave are you all patched up, and infused with Rx HGH and 'roids?
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I'm just glad you'll still be around to stir the pot and complain about sprinters.
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Dave, great blog with vlog characteristics! Seriously, I watched all those YouTube links. Have you "turned the tables" on you wife? Did you feel completely different the next day? It is really amazing what technology can accomplish. I wonder how they size the double disk? I wonder if a surgeon has ever accidentally opened them both up on the same side of the hole? That wouldn't be good. As for the condom catheter, I honestly did not know what exactly the directions seemed to be implying. Slip it on, then motion forcefully in the back and forth directions for 7 feverish minutes until fluid is extracted? I don't understand. I am babbling. I wonder if holes in the head are as easily fixed.

    Thanks for letting us follow your procedure, and please keep the post-operative progress reports coming!