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Long(er) IM/Free Pace

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by , January 10th, 2009 at 10:29 AM (612 Views)
Worked out on my own this morning, but I left my coaches instructions in the description.
7:00 AM to 9:00 AM at the Downtown YMCA (SCM)

Warm up:
400 fr

16X25 drill, 4 of each stroke, on :40 (on :35 for the fr drill) - I did 2-1-2 for fly, 6 kick and roll for back, alternated 2 second glide and 2 kick/pull breast and alternated fingertip drag, 6 kick and roll free.

Descend 1-3, no extra rest after the first 3:
3X100 fr on 2:00 - 1:55, 1:48, 1:43
3X100 IM on 2:10 - 2:05, 2:00, 1:58

9X100, no extra rest between mini-sets of 3:
1-3 50fl/50bk 2:10 - ~2:00 for all
4-6 50bk/50br 2:20 - ~2:05 for all
7-9 50br/50fr 2:05 - 1:58 - 2:00 for all

9X50, no extra rest between mini-sets of 3:
1-3 25fl/25 bk 1:10 - 1:00 for all
4-6 25bk/25br 1:15 - 1:10 for all
7-9 25br/25fr 1:05 - :58, :58, :57

100 EZ Free (and 3:00 bathroom break)

5X50 fr on :55 at 500 race pace (about :46, under :50 even if youíre having a bad swim day) - I went :45, :45, :49, :49, :51 - I fatigued badly on the last two.

50 EZ Free

5X50 fr on 1:00 at 500 race pace - I went :45, :48, :50, :50, :50 - I was wiped after the first one.

200 EZ

2X100 fr on 1:45 at 500 race pace (under 1:35, under 1:40 if you havenít been drinking Gatorade or the such) - I went 1:35 and 1:41

4x150 kick with fins
#1 dolphin on back, working on backstroke body position with hands at my side
#2 flutter on back working on the same as things as #1
#3 same as #1
#4 flutter kick on my side working on kicking downward as much as I do upward.

200 Warm down

4700 meters

Notes: I felt much better today than yesterday. I've had this set from my coach for about 6 weeks now and I have not made the whole thing until today. I didn't even have to cheat on my backstroke intervals. I will admit to doing one arm fly for a majority of the fly intervals. I have trouble finishing my stroke when I switch to two arm and as a result, my arms get stuck in the water, which is really tiring!

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Updated January 11th, 2009 at 11:51 AM by Iwannafly

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  1. SwimStud's Avatar
    TJ: For the fly, keep on with the one arm and get used to the kick rhythm. Also do 5 good strokes of fly (or however many you can do) and finish the length with free. I was doing this over the summer and it worked out for me on a doing a full 50 with good time. We're pretty similar in our swimming abilities, so hopefully what worked for me might work for you.
    Tip: Don't get mentally hung up about not swimming the entire thing fly...