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Easy Friday swimming

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I went to noon AGUA workout today and just did some easy swimming. Iím still feeling a little lightheaded from Wednesday, but things are definitely getting better.

The workout involved various different pacing and effort levels, but I ended up swimming it all easy except for some fast turns and breakouts and an occasional 3-5 stroke cycles at race speed. I worked on some technique keys (BR head position, BK elbow bend, FR head position) that I hope to do well in my races in Atlanta.

Hereís the workout I did:

300 warmup

6 x 150 @ :20 rest

5 x 100 @ 2:20 [I moved down a couple of lanes for this set and the next, since the fast lane had 7 swimmers and I was just taking it easy.]

12 x 50 choice: 3 @ 1:10, 3 @ 1:05, 3 @ 1:00, 3 @ 55

2 backstroke starts [Coach Craigís tip: head further back when in start position]

150 warmdown

I felt good in the water by the middle of the workout, and enjoyed just taking it easy. I was glad to get in a bit of work on my BK starts, but only did 2 because starting on the bulkhead really chews up the skin on my toes. Maybe Iíll ask if they can put in a touchpad Monday morning to do some more BK start workóI think the pool has some (I donít think theyíre the high touchpads like will be in Atlantaóbut any surface would be better than the bulkhead).

Iíve been a bit of a slacker about writing down my goals and keys for each race in Atlanta. Thatís partly because I really am not sure what to expect. I decided to attend this meet somewhat late in the season, and my reasonsóI thought it would be fun to go to a major meet with a big team, I could combine it with a trip to Alabama to see my mom, and I wanted a distraction from other goings-on this springódidnít really have that much to do with achieving individual swim goals. My overarching aim at the meet is to enjoy a fun few days of swimming, and to feel like Iíve gotten the best that my body could do out of each swim.

But I do also like to have numbers to shoot for, and I was feeling at a bit of a loss there. Itís been years since Iíve tapered for a scy meet, so I donít have a set of recent yards tapered times to aim for. Most of my best yards times are from my early 30s, and many of them seem so far out of reach as to seem daunting. But yesterday I remembered the swim rating calculator. I decided to comb through my old times, determine my best swim rating in each of the events Iím doing, and see what sort of time it would take to beat that rating at my current age (44). It turns out that those times yield a nice set of challenging yet achievable goal times. Hurray for swim ratings!

So hereís the pertinent info for my first day of swimming at nats (Friday):

400 IM
Masters/Lifetime PR: 5:13.51 (1999) (1:12.9, 1:22.8, 1:26.1, 1:11.7) (84.4 swim rating)
40-44 PR: 5:20.62 (4/2006) (1:17.8, 1:20.2, 1:31.6, 1:10.9) (SR=85.3)
2010 best: 5:33.43 (January) (1:17.3, 1:24.6, 1:36.4, 1:15.1) (SR=84.1)
Time needed to beat best swim rating: 5:28.47=85.4
Other goals: a well-paced race
Keys: relaxed FL, establish rhythm on BK, head down on BR, exuberant FR, accelerate into walls on all strokes.

50 BR
Masters/lifetime PR: 34.08 (2000) (87.1 swim rating)
40-44 PR: 34.83 (3/2006) (SR=87.0)
2010 best: 35.52 (3/21) (SR=86.8)
Time needed to beat best swim rating: 35.38
Other goals: <35?, good turn
Keys: build into fast turnover on first few strokes; head down; coherent, powerful turn

200 BK
Masters/lifetime PR (and coolest-ever splits): 2:26.52 (2002) (35.10, 37.14, 37.14, 37.14) (SR=83.4)
Best swim rating: 2:31.30 in 2009 (SR=84.7)
40-44 PR: 2:30.07 (2007) (SR=84.2)
2010 best: NT
Time needed to beat best swim rating: 2:32.34
Goals: <2:30, a well-paced swim
Keys: still head; think rotation on 1st 3 strokes off each wall, then push turnover; accelerate into walls

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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    You folks are going to have lots of fun in Atlanta!
    I can's wait to hear about your races!
    Be sure to hook up with the forumites for some dinners and social gatherings! Leslie (Fortress) usually knows what's going on!
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bobinator
    You folks are going to have lots of fun in Atlanta!
    I can's wait to hear about your races!
    Be sure to hook up with the forumites for some dinners and social gatherings! Leslie (Fortress) usually knows what's going on!
    Thanks Bobinator--I will try to do that. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting some other forumites.

    And I love watching swim meets--I think I could enjoy a couple of hours of watching swimmers at any level race, from 8-unders on up. In Atlanta I think one of the real treats will be seeing some great swims out of fellow bloggers!