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Saturday May 15, 2010

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300 free
200 IM Drill
300 various drills
4x 50 kick/build
50 @ 200 goal pace
2 x 25 @ 100 goal pace with an ez 25 after

4 x 12.5 fast breakout 37.5 ez

150 c/d

Total: 1500 yards

Need to work on the timing of my breakout still. I think I need maybe two extra flutter kicks before trying to start swimming. Sometimes it's pretty on, sometimes it's a tad early.

Other than that my swims are starting to feel good. I plan on another massage this week, and a swim Monday and Wednesday. Probably take Tuesday off. IF I decide to swim on Tuesday I'll do an 800 ez or less.

Ready to test my training and taper ...

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    I was contemplating taking Tuesday off as well. Can't decide.

    Definitely ready to stop tapering and race!