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Nats Swim Day 1: Curb the Ambition

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by , May 21st, 2010 at 09:01 PM (68 Views)
I haven't seen half the people I need/want to see, but did talk briefly with Paul Smith, Fort, Geek, Q, Ande, Ahelee, Craig Ammon (craig68), Chris Stevenson and others whom I'm now rudely forgetting. Will be busier tomorrow with 3 events and 2 relays, but will hopefully track down some other folks.

Overall, upon reflection, I'm quite happy with the day. In the moment of the aftermath of each race, I was disappointed. I learned three key things today:

  1. Treat a course as a course and stop with time conversions. I need to let my SCY times stand up to my SCY times, not to a converted swim from SCM.
  2. Ambition is a great motivator, but take it down a notch, dude.
  3. Negative splitting is a dumb race strategy for a 200 back.

The results in full light of day with my ambition:

400 IM:

  • Best SYC time: 4:12.26 (Clovis, 2009)
  • SCM converted* time: 4:10.7 (Rutgers, 2008)
  • Goal: sub-4:10
  • BHAG: sub-4:05
  • RESULT: 4:11.10
  • Comments:
    • Masters best, but I really wanted the psychological boost of seeing 4:09-something.
    • No easy speed on the fly.
    • Split each stroke quite well, but was consistently about 0.5 seconds slower on each stroke than I had envisioned.
    • I came home well enough on my free.
    • My turns pretty much sucked -- gliding too much into the wall.

200 free:

  • Best SYC time: 1:46.25 (Clovis, 2009)
  • SCM converted* time: 1:43.4 (Rowdy Gaines, 2009)
  • Goal: sub-1:44
  • BHAG: sub-1:43
  • RESULT: 1:45.08
  • Comments:
    • Another Masters' best.
    • Split this well by 100s (51.0, 54.0), but went too hard on my legs the 1st 100 and was burning in leg pain on the last 25.
    • Again with the "no easy speed" feel. The 2 guys who won the race were each out at the 100 by about the same margin they beat me.

200 back:

  • Best SYC time: 1:59.57 (AZ State, 2009)
  • SCM converted* time: 1:58.7 (Rowdy Gaines, 2009)
  • Goal: Best time
  • BHAG: sub-1:58
  • RESULT: 2:00.22
  • Commentary:
    • I swam a DUMB race, going 29.7, 30.7, 30.2, 29.7 or 1:00.3 / 59.9. I was second by 0.73 and I should've taken this out faster. Again, no easy speed.
    • Strangely, even though this was not a best time, I wasn't bugged by this as much as the other two races as my expectations were less intense.

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  1. ande's Avatar
    great to see you here, nice IM, OK free, educational back
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I'm glad you likevthe first 2 times better upon reflection, as you can't be cross about masters PBs even with BHAGs in mind.

    I agree with your 400 IM thoughts. Your fly didn't look as easy as I've seen it before and your walls were very glidey. But you did have an impressive freestyle leg.

    Tomorrow you'll do even better!
  3. knelson's Avatar
    That was a tough day of swimming and although you might not have done quite what you hoped for, still mighty impressive.
  4. jaegermeister's Avatar
    Very impressive swimming. Ambition often is a blessing and a curse!