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Adventures in Swimming

IM Wednesday

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Swam with Columbus Sharks
Only a few days left with coach Renee.
Then I have to coach all workouts till we
find another coach to split duties. For some
reason there are not a lot of people wanting
to coach at 5:45 am :-(

200 Swim
100 Kick
200 Swim (I think)

Set 1
Anything ending in 5 is kick, the rest are drill
10-15 r on everything
25 Fly
50 Fly/Bk
75 Fly/Bk/Br
100 IM
100 Free (Swim)
100 IM
75 Fly/Bk/Br
50 Fly/Bk
25 Fly

Set 2
300 IM Build each 75
225 IM no Free (Work the Turns)
150 IM 25/50/50/25
75 IM no free HARD

Set 3
4x125 Free Descend on 1:55

25 Under Water, 25 ez

Warm Down

I felt like a LOG today.
I didn't eat very healthy the last couple of days. It's amazing how much diet effects my
swimming. Hamburgers, hotdogs, Cake and Ice cream are not good energy food. But I had
to eat what was leftover from the party with my kids on monday. No sense in wasting food
and beer :-)

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