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Thread: Help! My SDK is Horrible!

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    Help! My SDK is Horrible!

    SDK stands for Streamlined Dolphin Kick
    some people call them "underwaters"

    Swimmers use SDK in sprints, 50's, 100's & 200's
    free, fly, back and IMs

    for several years we've had the

    "Help my flutter kick is horrible" thread

    It's time for a thread to help people improve their SDK

    This is the thread for people who want to improve their SDKs

    here's what excellent SDK technique looks like

    crocker 100 fl

    phelps 200 fl

    phelps 200 fr

    phelps 200 IM WR Undderwater POV

    Lochte 200 bk

    2004 olympics 100 bk

    coughlin 100 free

    coughlin 100 fl

    50 back worlds

    100 bk scm lockte WR



    Here's how you improve your SDK

    1) test your SDK and find out where you are
    get timed for
    + 15 meters or yards from a dive
    + 25 Y/M from a dive and
    + 50 Y/M from a dive
    report your results here

    2) Experiment to figure out which SDK feels best for you
    back, belly or side

    3) Experiment to figure out how many SDK's you should take off your starts and turns in races for free, back, & fly

    4) train to perfect your SDK technique
    streamline and kicking motion

    5) train to perfect your conditioning and mental toughness
    do very fast SDKs for speed
    do 25's 50, 75, 100, 150, & 200 kicks wher eyou improve conditioning

    6) train to increase your strenth and power
    legs and core work, weight training pilates exercises

    7) train to increase flexiblity
    streamline and ankles

    8) be consistent and patient, stick with it for at least 3 or 6 months

    9) retest and track your improvement

    10) do the experiment again
    as your SDK improves you can take more SDKs in your races

    11) remember to keep up your SDK speed training as you taper and prepare to race

    good luck
    hope you SDK Faster Faster
    report your progress
    contribute and encourage


    there some people who SDK doesn't work for
    they can't get the technique down or
    don't have flexible ankles and feet
    be slow to put yourself in this category without making a sincere effort to improve your SDK
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