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Thread: Help! My SDK is Horrible!

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    Re: Help! My SDK is Horrible!

    Hey People

    A couple of days ago I couldn't make an easy 12x50 SDK (not underwater) on 1:30, all of the other swimmers that I swim with could make the interval so...
    I'll get a baseline in the next week.


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    Re: Help! My SDK is Horrible!

    After reading most of this thread yesterday, I was inspired and intrigued since my turns have lots of room for improvement. Had long sets at practice this morning so thought it'd be a good time to really think about the SDK and some of the advice given here. The streamline makes a huge difference and will become second nature soon, I hope. But wow, 2-3 kicks and I had to surface for air. Yep, lots of room for improvement, but at least there will be a baseline set so 4 kicks will feel like a huge accomplishment when they become steady, right?

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