Ever done any on a team? A sure fire way for the coaches to get the whole team moving all out.

Heres an example: stair way to heaven set.

We all get called over and start doing 100's on the 1:45 and every one whe cuts off 5 seconds from the interval. till its about 1:30, then only 3', then 2's. You go until you cant keep up. which is where you get A Killer IM set. the more you do the easier the set she gives us. ANd if your the last one making the ivntervals she gives you your cool down immediately. We did them the other day, once it was on the 1:10 and cutting 1 second every time it was me and 4 others. we kept going to 1:05. I left then. the other 2 raced till the 1:02 where the other gave in.

We all leave with that ideal workout burn and tiredness feeling. but it does it's intended job very well. Any of you ever get something similar?