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Thread: Some clarification for a beginner please

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    Some clarification for a beginner please

    I am interested in getting some coaching for swimming. The nearest pool with a masters program is Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. I had asked the front desk if I needed to be a member of the USMS in order to participate, and they said no but I just want to be sure if that is really the case. If not, then I guess the daily fee pays for it?

    Who will I find at the pool? Is there a coach at the pool every morning?

    I come from a running background but I really am a beginner swimmer. I can do some strokes but I'm probably doing them wrong because I don't know anything about technique. I think I need some one-on-one time; is that realistic?

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    Re: Some clarification for a beginner please

    Kearns is an awesome facility to workout in and find some help with your swimming. Their masters swim program is small, but you will get good coaching. Chris Horne the high school coach and age group coach at Kearns would be a possible person get some one of one instruction from. Chris swam for me a the university and is an excellent coach.

    As for membership, you don't need to get one at Kearns. However it is a good idea to join USMS (Utah Masters) on your own. You can do it online at


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