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Thread: weight training for long distance ??

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    weight training for long distance ??

    Hello friends:

    I'am from Costa Rica. I need an advice from you. I only do open water races (3km shorter and 10Km the longest races in my country). Actually I swim 4 days a week, but I am thinking in doing 2 more practices a week (weight training).

    What do you think is better: swim 2 more days per week or dedicate then to do weight training ??

    Long distance swimmers needs to do weight training ??, and

    What is the best time to do weght training, begining of the season or during races stage ??

    Thanks very much for your advices, and sorry for my bad english.

    Regards, Daniel

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    Re: weight training for long distance ??

    Many questions Daniel,
    My experience is that weight training has little effect on lang distance swimming. If you do use it, keep it confined to the early stages is in your preparation. Not during the season. You have to have enough recovery time beacause of the "damage" you do to your muscles.
    If you do decide to do weights, like some top swimmers, do light weights with long repeats and a lot of circular motions.
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