This works for me and find it very helpful, yes it is a boring swim everyday, but I think that's what I love about it, it's such a long swim but it alowes me to tweek my freestyle to make me more effeciant as well as build up endurance.

8,800 yards in 2 hours, with a overall target of 10,000 yards a day ( eventually in about another month)

I will keep you posted on how this workout helps me at the meets.

I got into the water about 2 1/2 months ago after about a year off from competing, I started out with 1 hour 4400 yards and worked my way up swimming a straight 8800 which was'nt easy, 5 days a week and about 1500 on the weekends, been fortunate enough to be able to swim before work because I work 2nd shift, I was at 222 lbs when I started, now down to 191 lbs, I just swam the last PNA short course championship in seattle, had a ugly crummy 50 free time of :24.25 ( compared to the :21.59-:22.3 I used to swim) which I really got on myself about how bad I did but I kept having to tell myself that I've only been in 2 1/2 months, 100 free was a :54.??, 11:55 in the 1000 free, :31 in the 50 breast ( I think this was a meet record, but not sure, will get back to you) and a 19:48 in the 1650 free. I checked these time with how I ranked nationally for th Men age 35-39 and I was shocked at how well I did, the 50 free and 100 free were in the top 30 - 50 fastest times, my 1000 & 1650 free were in the top 10 times for this year, which is shocking because I have always been a short distance sprint swimmer. I put it into my head that I'm going to push to make Nationals next year and go to FINA world championship. Also helps when I compete with the age group swimmers and they have a 15 or 17 and over event that drive to be able to keep up with school kids keeps me going, also I like motivating the kids to show the benefits of competative swimming when you get older.

Thanks everyone, keep up the goodwork to all, inspire people to make a healthy lifestyle change, if it's not in swimming, then something they are passionate about, let's beat lazyness !!!! and set good examples to our kids, grandkids and future generations to come, not just with excersice but also spending time with our family.