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Thread: Zura Fins

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    Zura Fins

    I'm thinking about buying a pair of these. Has anyone used them before? Do you like/dislike them?
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    Re: Zura Fins

    I have a pair. I tried to use them a couple times for a freestyle workout and I had to take them off. My body is naturally riding high in the water so when I tried to swim with them my feet are out of water rather than in the water and I am kicking air. Also because of the floating they make me to compensate for the floating legs and my hips sink, I look like a upside down bow. I tried to swim backstroke too, and there I had no problem with the fins.


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    Re: Zura Fins

    Quote Originally Posted by swimr4life View Post
    I'm thinking about buying a pair of these. Has anyone used them before? Do you like/dislike them?
    I have them and like them. Very flexible and comfy. Zoomers I didn't like.
    I use them for back and they are great for that.

    I don't have a "problem" kicking face down but these fins do make you work the quads rather than the hams and so you'll feel it more on the down kick (I believe Zoomers are the opposite).

    I like to wear them for doing drills. They give just enough floatation but not as much as a buoy, you can gently flutter to get some propulsion.

    They work well for SDK's too they give a feeling of being an extension of the legs, and keep the undulation going. Whereas using my monofin feels a lot more like a "tool" and is better for hitting the core.

    Beth, if you're eyeing them for helping your shoulder out by taking the workload, I think you'll like them purely because you don't feel them on your feet--they're good if you want to wear them for a longer swims.



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