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Thread: Atlanta Adult Swimming League

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    Atlanta Adult Swimming League

    Is anyone joining this Atlanta Adult Swimming League this summer? It’s more of a “subdivision” atmosphere, similar to what our kids enjoy in the summer swim leagues.

    There are three age groups, 19 - 29, 30 - 39 and 40+. In meets, they only swim 50s of each stroke, the 100 IM, 200 Free, and 200 Medley and Free Relays.

    They hold 4 dual meets, every Friday night in June, followed by a championship meet at Georgia Tech the first Friday of July.

    I did this last year (except meets were on Saturdays) and it was quite fun. I met some new people and the meets were pretty low-key… I also used them as race pace practices.
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    Re: Atlanta Adult Swimming League

    Interesting - the age group divisions changed totally for this year.
    Last year there were 2 groups - over 40 and under 40.
    Now, they have 19-29/ 30-39/ and 40 and over.
    Seems a bit unfair for the older folks - those who are 50 and older - they gotta race people more than 10 years younger than them.

    I personally think the young whipper snappers did not want to get their butt kicked by us older folk, hence these age crazy divisions.

    There's not one team near my area and the meets interfere w/ my SR I practices. Ah well.

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    Re: Atlanta Adult Swimming League

    Quote Originally Posted by (S)he-Man View Post
    There's not one team near my area

    Kick some butt Mark!
    Sounds like fun, but I have the same issue.
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    Re: Atlanta Adult Swimming League

    I swam it was a blast!!! Championships were friday at GA tech


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