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Thread: 2004 Olympic Trials

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    2004 Olympic Trials

    Tickets are selling fast for the 2004 Olympic Trials to be held in July 2004 in Long Beach. This should be one of the fastest US trials ever (Couglin and Phelps alone should put on a show worth travelling 3,000 miles). We've got our tickets.

    You might want to order yours at:

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    I went to see the olympic trials way back in 1976 since I did live about 20 miles from Long Beach then. The tickets back in those days were cheap. I look at the prices on the computer and they were expensive. Now I live in Arizona and I doubt I want to travel to see it in person. I think that they should honor the past olympians in swimming that came from California there. After all in the last olympic trials they honored the 1976 men's team. It is interesting that they are using a portable pool for the meet. The one use in 1976 was at Belmont shores but in 1976 the pool could not be older than 10 years old, but now Belmont is approching 35 years. So to get the Olympic trials they are using the modern portable pools.

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    I've just been made aware that the special offer recently made to members of USA Swimming (expires May 31, 2003) has been extended to members of USMS.

    Here are the details:

    2004 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Swimming

    Long Beach, California

    July 7-14, 2004

    USMS Members are invited to participate in a special discounted ticket purchase opportunity. This offer applies only to 15 Session Passes and will expire on May 31, 2003. Single session tickets will go on sale in January of 2004.


    15 Session Passes

    Gold $375

    Silver $275

    Bronze $175

    A limited number of Club Boxes (10) and Suites (30) are still available. For information call (562) 407-5215 or email

    For information and to purchase tickets online, visit: For questions contact: (562) 495-8341 or


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