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Thread: Pennock Challenge results

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    Pennock Challenge results

    Here are the results of the 5 th Pennock Island Challenge. The water was cold (56 F) and the day was grey, but everyone turned out to swim and swim they did.

    Thank you participants
    William Schulz, race director

    5th Annual Team ADA
    Pennock Challenge Official Results

    Women’s No Wetsuit “Naked” Division:

    1st Michelle Macy (Portland) 3:31:05 (swam the English channel in Sept. 2007, swimming
    Catalina Channel 2009)
    2nd Sue Free (San Francisco) 3:45:47 (top non local fund raiser $1600)
    3rd Claudia Rose (San Diego) 5:12:54 (Catalina Channel 2006, Santa Barbara Channel 2008)

    Women’s Wet Suit Division:

    1st Anne Battle (Virginia) 3:39:50
    2nd Jill Vukmanic (Texas) 3:42:41
    3rd Seah Winterberger (Anchorage) 3:44:33
    4th Brittan Christensen (Ketchikan) 3:47:31
    5th Elizabeth Einset (Ketchikan) 3:58:04 (top local fund raiser $1500 +)
    6th Jennifer Eubank (Kodiak) 4:09:30 (she will be swimming the English channel in 2010)
    7th Kelly Piazza (Ketchikan) 4:30:00

    Men’s No Wetsuit “Naked” Division:

    1st Bruckner Chase (New Jersey) 3:34:52
    2nd Willie Schulz (Ketchikan) 3:40:15
    3rd Jal Bjorkman (Fairbanks) 3:55:50

    Men’s Wet Suit Division:

    1st Robert Herrick (Fairbanks) 3:29:28 (overall fastest time)
    2nd Thomas Volper (New York) 3:29:58
    3rd Matthias Schildwachter (El Segundo CA) 3:33:44
    4th Ralph MacIntyre (Atlanta) 3:47:44
    5th John DaPrato (New York) 4:43:10
    6th Ken Winterberger (Anchorage) 5:39:18

    2 Person Relay (wetsuit):

    Rick Fox & Cyndie Fox (Anchorage) 4:18:52

    3 Person Relay (wetsuit):

    Debby Spence, Jenni Styrk (Ketchikan) 3:52:50
    Karl Chaudary

    4 Person Relay: (all relays except the Naked Ladies wore wetsuits)

    1st Naked Ladies (Jennifer Walton, (Ketchikan) 4:05:38
    Frances Kline, Kate Gallaway,
    Krissy Gallaway)

    2nd Sea Pilots (Larry Pullin, Dave Gray, (Ketchikan) 4:06:02
    Mike Spence, Greg Styrk)

    3rd 3 Old Guys & A Gal (Bill Elberson, (Ketchikan) 4:29:54
    Fred Jorgensen, Bob Bloom,
    Nel Kline)

    4th Guardian Flight (Sarah Norberg, (Ketchikan) 4:30:29
    Nate Norberg, Joseph Pagenkopf,
    Leah Pagenkopf)

    5th Fish n’ Chix (Janice McCall, (San Francisco) 5:52:23
    Vinay Yadappanavar, Amit Seshan,
    Madhuri Yechuri)
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