The USMS Fitness Committee is pleased to announce the opening of our updated Fitness section on the USMS web site.

The URL is:

Our updated resources include information about getting started in a swimming routine, and staying motivated by participating in Fitness events. We also have articles, including an "Article of the Month." This month's article is about writing your own practice, and it is by David Grilli, who has published an outstanding series of articles called "The Self-Coached Swimmer."

Other articles and resources include:

Starting a Swimming Routine, from "It's Never Too Late"
Pool Etiquette, by Phil Whitten
Using the Pace Clock, by Scott Rabalais
Pace Chart, courtesy of Mike Collins and Doug Garcia
Ways to Win at Weight Loss (FDA), by Marilynn Larkin

In addition to these articles, we have preliminary information about USMS Fitness Events, such as the 2003 Check Off Challenge, the new USMS 30-Minute Swim Challenge, the new Virtual Geographic Swim Series, and links to other local team postal events, open water events and Long Distance Championship events.

The USMS Fitness Committee plans continued development with our online resources for swimmers, so please stay tuned for more updates.