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Thread: Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

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    Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

    Hello. My name is Tracy. I just joined this forum and joined USMS. Been swimming since I was two years old. I swam on various US swim teams in Texas and Florida from the time I was 7 till I was 18. Swam in highschol as well. Coached summer leaque and swim lessons for a couple years too. Was fairly good (high school records in the 100 back and such), then quit due to injury to my elbow. I am 30 now, injury is long gone, and have been trying to stay in shape and swim myself on and off for the last few years but I felt I needed some guidance and know that I do better under an actual coach. Anyways I just wanted to say hello to everyone and ask who else on here is in Houston, or Texas for that matter?

    I signed up with the Fleet Swimming Masters program in Cy-Fair and start today, pretty excited to get back in the pool and get in shape. I gained almost 30 pounds since I stopped regulalry swimming and I can't stand it anymore! lol. I have no idea what to expect from the masters program since it's been so many years since I swam with any porgram at all!

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    Re: Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

    Hi Tracy,

    I used to swim in the Gulf LSC in Houston from 1990 - 2000 for both SCAT and STAR. I am not familiar with the Masters scene there since I am now in the DC area. Is Clayton Cagle coaching the Masters team at Cy-Fair? He did produce 1 Olympian and a few swimmers who frequently attend the Olympic Trials. I would assume he is more dedicated to the age group swimmers.

    I have a friend who is swimming Masters at The Woodlands. Her times have been steadily dropping after making her comeback (she used to swim for Fleet before and during college).

    Wish I could provide more insight...but I wish you good luck. I too am starting again after 8 years off. Just waiting for the pools to reopen after routine maintenance this time of year!

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    Re: Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

    Tracy, welcome!!!

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    Re: Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

    I gained 30 pounds when I stopped swimming.

    I've lost about 10 so far this summer. less than I'd hoped but it's progress.

    It's fantastic just losing the weight, not to mention getting fitter. I hope you're able to lose all 30. It's my goal as well. Grats on getting the swimming bug again.

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    Re: Hello, new member, Texas swimmer

    You skinny people after I stopped I gained 135lbs. Now I am just 40lbs over swimming weight.
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