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Thread: Back To Swimming

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    Smile Back To Swimming

    My name is Sara and I've been a swimmer since I was 3 yrs. old. I recently started to swim again, and was wondering if anyone has workouts that I can use to get back in shape. I'm a distance swimmers and would like to get back. I'm also a breastoker, so if anyone have workouts I can use please let me know. Or send them to me. Thank you so much.

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    Re: Back To Swimming

    welcome to the USMS forum.

    you can try this section...
    Discussion Forums - Workouts

    you can try looking under Training Articles at the USMS web.

    the Health & Fitness section at the USMS web may also help.

    try also running terms like swimming workouts through Google. add specific keywords to refine your search (like 'distance swimming' and 'breaststroke').

    there are lots of webs out there where you can get workouts.

    if you can find a coach that would likely help too... even if you only saw them occasionally.

    you can always ask questions here.

    have fun!


    Fugio, ergo sum.

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    Re: Back To Swimming

    Sara, welcome to the Madhouse!!!!!! LOL
    "Your body will go places your mind never thought it would go, as long as you are mentally tough enough to push it, drag it or carry it there." Tracy A. Burkholder

    "If it is to is up to me!" Author unknown.... got it off the wall at Westminster School in Atlanta.

    Breaststroke - For the swimmer who finds the other strokes too easy!!!!!!

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