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Thread: St Charles meet - the longest meet ever!!

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    St Charles meet - the longest meet ever!!

    OK, I will be the 1st to ask. Why is this meet the longest meet of the year??
    They allow deck entries later that other meet, results are 2-3 hours after each event & most swimmers leave the meet before it has the last event.
    Is it time that this meet thinks about the people that actually stay to swim the last event?
    as announced by their PA person, they had a record number of deck entries. Well, this meet has a history of allowing this to occur. Adding 2-3 heats of deck entries is a mess!
    OK, so how about some ideas to change this?

    1.Close deck entry 1 hour sooner
    2 Charge deck entry $10
    3. List ,on the entry form an email late fri-sat entry to allow the people time to put in the late entries in.
    4. remove some of the events to shorten the meet.
    5.I understand that some swimmers do not know if they will be able to swim in advance of a certain date, but this meet has formed a habit by some that they will not enter early or on time as we all think of it, but deck enter & cause the resulting problems.

    I am sure that the good people that have to enter all the late peoplle would love to have this not happen!

    If you have any ideas, please add them & tell the meet organizers about the concers that we have.

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    Re: St Charles meet - the longest meet ever!!

    I didn't even consider going this year, because of how long this meet runs. I hope the organizers pay attention to your suggestions.

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    Re: St Charles meet - the longest meet ever!!

    i considered St. Charles (masters) meet history and therefore opted NOT to swim in it even though i really like to support the high school teams who give of their time....

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    Re: St Charles meet - the longest meet ever!!

    Hi All-

    I did not go to the St. Charles meet this year, but I know in years past that part of the delay has been caused by the manner in which deck-entered swimmers are filtered into pre-registered heats. Most meets just opt to either completely re-seed the meet after the deck entry has closed OR they will just add heats of deck entrants after the final heat of pre-registrants has finished (for each event). At St. Charles, they tend to have all of the deck entrants wait at the side of the pool so they can filter them into open lanes as the heats run. This not only aggravates the delay, but it also is stressful for deck entrants (not having any idea what heat they'll be swimming in).

    I'm not sure if things were run the same way this year. Personally, I would happily wait 10 minutes at the beginning of the meet to re-seed things, in order to avoid the approximately 1 hour extra delay that this filtering process seems to cause...


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