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Thread: Rain & Rose Bowl Swim Meet

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    Rain & Rose Bowl Swim Meet

    Anyone know about shelter areas at the Rose Bowl during the meet on Saturday? Rain is forecasted for all day and was wondering how cold and damp it will be in between events all day. Swimming in the rain is not a problem but standing in the rain all day is a slight problem.

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    Re: Rain & Rose Bowl Swim Meet

    You can see for yourself on the pool's webcam at They do have some covered bleachers facing the rec pool.

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    Re: Rain & Rose Bowl Swim Meet

    Congratulations to Coach Chad and the Rose Bowl Masters for pulling off a terrific Distance Meet for the SPMA masters today!

    The first few hours were a downpour of rain, but everything continued moving forward.
    Extra Rose Bowl EZups were launched and the hot tub was roaring and hot. There was even Starbucks coffee, fresh oranges, and krispy donuts to be had where Trish was manning the front table.

    The meet began with 5 heats of the 500 FREE!! Who would have thought so many masters would show up on a rainy winter day for an outdoor distance meet?
    But they did - and swam great.

    Some funny strories were:
    86 year old Maurine Kornfield came rushing out for her 200 free heat, which she missed because she had trouble getting her fastskin swim suit on fast enough. Good officials found a lane for her in the next heat.

    An elderly male masters swimmer with an entry time of 8:00+ in the 200 Back, swam an EXTRA 50 at the end of his race. No one stopped him because all were stunned he turned and wanted to keep swimming!

    The Rose Bowl is a fun and legendary place to race. They even have their own swim shop in the lobby of the complex! Pasadena is a cool old town to visit. Beautiful neighborhoods with old homes and lots of good spots to eat.
    Hope next year, we can organize a nice social attached to the event to attend after the meet ends.

    This was a great meet that should turn into a tradition in the future. The race announcer was trying to come up with a name for the event, but I think between now and next year, they can create something better!

    With more notice, the organizers should be able to split the meets on different weekends and everyone can swim and not be forced to choose between two meets on one weekend.
    HOWEVER - I did hear many swimmers talking about being in Irvine for the sprint meet tomorrow!

    See you at UC Irvine bright and early!
    (I wonder if UCI has a hot tub?)

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