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Thread: Breadbasket Zone Meet, 3/28-29

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    Breadbasket Zone Meet, 3/28-29

    Thanks to Anna Lea, Jim and fellow MOVY officers for another well run, exciting meet at the University of Missouri Natatorium!

    For anyone reading this message who hasn't attended an event at this venue, it is beautiful, inspiring and very fast! Several world records were set in this pool last year at the annual Mo. Grand Prix meet held in February. Take advantage of the opportunity to participate the next time MOVY hosts an event there.

    Cathy Kohn
    Pres., St. Louis Area Masters Swimming LLC

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    Re: Breadbasket Zone Meet, 3/28-29

    Anna Lea and Jim Matysek with Bob Welchlin did a great job organizing and executing this event. The weather affected the turnout, but the competition in most events was still very competitive.

    With the Masters meets held at the Mizzou Aquatic Center, we have an unbroken series of either FINA World or USMS National records at these masters meets. At this 2009 event, Peter Andersen of Illinois broke the 65-69 men's 50 SCY Breaststoke record with a :30.66 in his new BlueSeventy swimwear.

    We look forward to hosting future events at Mizzou and appreciate the support of the many swimmers from Ozark LMSC including SLAM club, Illinois, Nebraska and elsewhere who travelled to attend the Breadbasket zone event.

    Anthony Thompson
    Missouri Valley Masters (MOVY)

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